Breiðdalssetur ses  -  Gamla Kaupfélagið -  Sæberg 1 -  760 Breiðdalsvík -  RN. 620311-1110  - Mobile: 862 4348 -  info(at)

Open to groups and scientists only.  Contact us by phone to book an appointment.  

Saturday June 11th 2011, 1-5 pm    No entrance fee, everybody welcome!

SE Poster syning 2011 preview



Chairperson – Páll Baldursson

Vésteinn Ólason - Linguistic research of Stefán Einarsson

14:30-15:30 Break

Coffee and cake for sale by Hótel Bláfell, price 1.500 kr

Stone museum "Steinasafnið í Breiðdal" open


Svavar Sigmundsson: Lingustic jobs of Stefán Einarsson and topographical name collection in East Iceland 

Smári Ólason: Presentation of national song collection of Stefán Einarsson


Exhibition opened to honour Dr. Stefán Einarsson and formal give over of personal belongings by his heirs


Friday 29th April, 12:15 Leó Kristjánsson is holding a lecture about Iceland spar in East Iceland, its use and importance. Leó Kristjánsson is geophysicist at the University of Iceland. The last 16 years he has collected data about the use of Iceland spar crystals in science. Most of these crystals came from Helgustaðir, East Iceland until around 1900. The crystals contributed a lot to the discovery of optics and more. With the discovery of the so called Nicol-prism that is built of 2 Iceland spar crystals that were used in all optical instruments in different fields of natural sciences, it is sure that Icelandic Iceland spar accelerated many technical progresses and discoveries that seem self-evident to mankind today.  Everybody welcome.


Presentation by Leó Kristjánsson

IMG 7921        IMG 7922

Iceland Spar from Breiðdalur valley