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The Geology of East Iceland

Geology of east icelandBreiðdalssetur in Breiðdalsvík has published a book about the geology in the Eastern Region of Iceland. This book is in English and the principal author is the geologist Martin Gasser, who worked in Breiðdalssetur in 2012 – 2017. Co-authors are Christa Maria Feucht, formerly the Director of Breiðdalssetur, and four well-known Icelandic geoscientists.

The book is of an academic nature but its content is easy to understand and accessible to all those who are interested in the geology of the Eastern Region. It has 154 pages and includes many pictures and diagrams, about 190 in total.

The book can be ordered here on this site and will be sent by mail along with information about how to effect payment. Samples from the book can be viewed here.

If further information is required you can send an inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The book is intended as a guide for everybody who wants to get in touch with the geological marvels of East Iceland. Twenty-six readily accessible sites close to the road are portrayed in detail, from the very roots of long gone volcanoes up to the active rift in the eastern highlands.

East Iceland offers a unique view deep into earth´s oceanic crust as it was formed before Iceland became glaciated.


Þorsteinn Sæmundsson, astronomer at the University of Iceland, collects reports of meteors over Iceland. His list is awailable on the homepage of HÍ í gegnum vefsvæði almanaks skólans:

Article about the Breiðdalsvík event by Sæmundsson:

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G.P.L. Walker left working documents, teaching material and samples in Honolulu, when he got retired and moved back to England 20 years ago. The curator of Breiðdalssetur went to Hawaii in March 2016 to pack the samples and send them to Iceland. The samples (2 pallets) or 1,3 t, were two month on their way over the Pacific ocean through Panama channel,  over the Atlantic ocean to Rotterdam and finally to Reyðarfjörður, Iceland. The samples are from volcanos from all over the world but mainly ash from the Pacific fire ring.Thanks a lot to the staff of the Department of Geology and Geophysics at School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology of the University of Hawai‘i at MānoaSchool of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa for their kind assistance.

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Walker samples in Honolulu Hawaii in March 2016 and in Breiðdalsvík Iceland in May 2016

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Byggðastofnun is supporting throughj the project „Breiðdælingasr móta framtíðina“ (Breiðdalur meets the future), and is granting 500.000 ISK to digitize Walker's footage professional. The original film bands (16mm and 8 mm) will be stored at Kvikmyndasafn Íslands at the right temperature and humidity. Thanks a lot! 

Breiðdalssetur will be holding a symposium about the geology of East Iceland, to uphold and honour the memory of the British geologist George P.L. Walker and to arouse interest of the geology of East Iceland. The symposium holds the title „In the footsteps of George P.L. Walker“ and will take place the weekend 30th-31st august 2014 . Lectures will be held on the Saturday and on the Sunday is planned for a scenic tour in Berufjörður fjord and Breiðdalur valley

Information in english

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Most of the rocks and minerals were found by one man during one summer in the mountains around Breiðdaslvík.

The collections consists of around 100 pieces.

alt Apophyllite from Breiddalur vallley, by Martin Gasser